Sayyal Samen Holding company research department was launched in 2008 while was accredited a grade for feasibility study from Association of Banking and Credit Investment Consultants (ABCIC) and since 2016, the department pursued its activities as Aran International Co.
This consultant can provide feasibility study in the following branches regarding ABCIC grade:
1. Building, Housing and Urban Planning
2. Industry
3. Metals and Mining
4. Energy, Oil and Gas
5. Agriculture and Processing Industry


Completed Projects


Ongoing Projects


This group holds the highest grade in east of Iran (B-1), accredited by ABCIC


اسفند ۲۶, ۱۳۹۶

Feasibility Study for Melon Processing

Title: A contract was executed by Khorasan Industrial Estates Co. V. Aran International Co. to study feasibility of melon processing factory Date: 2018-3-15 :Story The contract […]
اسفند ۱, ۱۳۹۶

Investment and financing consulting

Today financing of investment plans and projects is one of the most important challenges faced by most owners and managers of private and public sectors.The complexity […]
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Islamic Finance Development Report and Indicator

The UAE, Bahrain and Malaysia are leading the Islamic Finance Development Report and . Indicator, IFDI, country rankings for the fifth consecutive year, according to Thomson […]

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