Seyyed Hassan Karimi

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19 February, 2018
Seyyed Mahdi Karimi
19 February, 2018



  • CEO in Aran International Co.
  • Qualified in Iran’s National Elites Foundation (INEF)
  • Top researcher of Iran on 1390 SH (2011-2012)
  • Three registered patents
  • First rank in ninth National Festival of Best Ideas


To apply for PhD in Entrepreneurship.

University of Imam Hussain (AS) Iran’s top university in the field

PhD Candidate in Futures Study

University of Tehran Iran’s top (according Shanghai ranking), oldest and largest university 2016

M.Sc. in Technological Entrepreneurship

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Iran’s Fourth university (according ISC ranking), third oldest university 2011

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

  • Participation in the first national meeting of Iranian business stars (2017)
  • Certificate of participation in “Research and Training Centre for Technical Safety and Work Health” training course on hazard identification and risk assessment (January 7 to 11, 2017)
  • Certificate of participation in “Research and Training Centre for Technical Safety and Work Health” general training course (January 25, 2017)
  • Participation in foreign contracts training course (2016)
  • Participation in the 11th International Conference of Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) on Sustainable Development of Asia-Pacific Region by sharing entrepreneurial knowledge (University of Tehran, November 15, 2014)
  • Certificate of participation in a workshop on entrepreneurship and commercialization of ideas
  • Participation in the International Conference on Oil and Gas Technology Opportunities (Oil Industry Research, May 4, 2014)
  • Collaboration in holding a seminar and workshops of Future Studies and Creative Economy (Ferdowsi University, Dec. 2013)
  • Holding the Entrepreneurship Training Course (Khorasan Engineering Islamic Society, Oct. 2013)
  • Participation in the Creativity and Innovation Conference (Sep. 2013)
  • Participation in holding a conference on the promotion of productivity (on May 4, 2011; in the Jihad Agriculture Organization)
  • Certificate of participation in training workshop for value engineering


CEO (2017), Co-Founder, Vice Chairman of the Board and Shareholder | Aran International Co. 2016 – Until Now

Business studies, including Opportunity study (OS), Feasibility Study (FS), Marketing Plan (MP), Business Plan (BP)

Member of the Board (2017) and Shareholder | Sayyal Samen Holdings 2014 – Until Now

Sayyal Samen Holdings has 14 years of experience in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Finance (EPCF)

Chairman, Co-Founder and Shareholder | Golsang Co. 2015 – Until Now

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for greenhouse and hydroponics systems

Co-Founder and Shareholder | SSK Co. 2014 – Until Now

Establishment of a Gas to Liquid (GTL) plant with capacity of 10,000 barrels per day is the main project and aim of this company.

Founder | Sayyal Samen Engineering Co. Business Studies Department 2014 – ۲۰۱۶

This department turned into Aran International Co. on 2016 as business study spin-off of Sayyal Samen Holdings.

CEO Deputy| Golsang Tabeeat Co. 2013 – ۲۰۱۴

Manager of R&D Department| Golsang Tabeeat Co. 2012 – ۲۰۱۳

Manager of ICT Department| Sayyal Samen Engineering Co. 2011

Member of the Management and Planning Workgroup | Saba Co. 2011

Technical Expert | Sayyal Samen Engineering Co. “Industrial and Economical Services” Department 2014 – ۲۰۱۶

Registered Patents

  • All in One Computer TV; along with Advanced Remote Control (ref. no. 76669, September 9, 2012)
  • Maglev Car (ref. no. 72423, November 19, 2011)

This patent assigned the first rank in the ninth National Festival of Best Ideas between 9464 ideas. This invention is scientifically verified by Scientific and Industrial Researches Organization and also by Iran’s National Elites Foundation (INEF).

  • Wall painter robot (ref. no. 57806, March 8, 2009)